Juice Bar Smoothies Wheatgrass Shots

juice bar smoothie bar wheatgrass


cold pressed juices

our cold pressed juices are pressed daily/unpasteurized/no additives/made with love

12 oz   7               16 oz   8

shots and tonics: ginger/lemon/turmeric 2.99 each

in-house juices

12 oz  7                16 oz  8         20 oz  9

autumn zest: red apple/lime/pineapple/peaches

mint to be: pineapple/mint/lime/coconut water

greenie: spinach/kale/celery/cucumber/lime

red dancer: beet/tomato/strawberry/cayenne pepper

morning glow: zucchini/red apple/pineapple

summer lovin’: red apple/strawberry/lime/mint

got my eye on you: carrot/celery/lemon

hydrate: orange/lettuce/cucumber/green apple

in-house smoothies

the pink lady: strawberry/oats/banana/coconut milk

b-prepared: almond milk/blackberry/banana/dates

chipper elixir: orange/mango/pineapple/carrot

classic goddess: hemp milk/spinach/banana/dates/flax seed

coco choco: almond milk/cocoa powder/banana/granola/peanut butter

flavor journey: green apple/celery/lettuce/banana/spinach

oractastic: raspberry/carrot/mango/coconut milk

out of the blue: almond milk/blueberries/banana/almond butter

spring break: pineapple/avocado/cilantro/lime

the weight is over: green apple/lemon/spinach/avocado/peaches

blushing apple: hemp milk/strawberries/cucumber/red apple/raspberries/chia seeds