About our New Vegan Restaurant

We opened in 2013 as a juice and smoothie bar focusing on bases with alkaline water, coconut water, almond milk and raw/vegan add in’s from health force and other healthy (seriously healthy) options.  As with what most of Coco Greens offers, we keep expanding based on our clients needs.  We started juicing and providing smoothies to our clients who were working on cleanse and detox programs after their sessions in Coco Greens Wellness Center. As our clients wanted to change their lifestyle, we expanded into a cafe early this year. As we grew, we decided we should change our name from Center of Symmetry to Coco Greens to better represent our holistic health services and retail products. We now offer 100% vegan, and mostly gluten free appetizers, soups, sandwiches, wraps and more! Please check us out. We are open 7 days a week!

We are located inside Coco Greens Vegan Cafe and Wellness Center (formerly Center of Symmetry).  They continue to be a local health spa and market (they have massage, colonics, infrared sauna.) and sell products such as yoga gear, massage and bodywork tools, alkaline water fill up store, organic skincare.. and of course more!

More about us? Basically we are a collective group of  people compiled of therapists, chefs, baristas, and customers turned staff who have chosen our career because we love to help people.  Our belief in holistic health is based on the theory that your body is perfect perfection, and we provide therapies, food, and product that enable your body to heal itself.

Our Cafe, Market and Spa help clients achieve beauty through balanced living.