Juice Cleanse Detox Program

Juice Cleanse Detox Program

We are excited that you are interested in making steps toward a healthier lifestyle and we will be here each step of the way to help walk you through it with services and counseling. Please contact us if you need any assistance through your cleanse. We will support you to be successful.

Please note, juice cleanse detox programs can be very taxing on the body and your emotional attachment to food. Please do not start this cleanse unless you have time and the resources to dedicate to it. You will need to plan on picking up your juices daily. We do not offer refunds or exchanges on our cleanse program.

Prepare for your cleanse

• Cleansing is best slowly transitioned into and out of to reduce the effects of detoxifying. Some foods can interfere with the liver’s ability to detoxify your body, which could impair your detox efforts. For three days leading up to your detox diet, eliminate: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, dairy, wheat, artificial sweeteners, trans fats, and packaged, boxed, canned or fast food. People going on a juice fast usually eliminate meat and poultry. Increase your intake of fruits, chia seeds, raw vegetable salads and lightly steamed vegetables. You may want to take this time to remove any foods or beverages that might tempt you during your cleanse.

• Gradually decrease your caffeine, try substituting some of your coffee intake with decaffeinated coffee, then transition to tea.

During your cleanse

• We require 48 hours notice before starting your program. Our juices are made daily at the cafe and available for pick up at  Coco Greens Vegan Cafe and Wellness Center.  Monday-Saturday 9:00am-8pm and Sunday 12 pm-6pm.

• Follow the cleanse schedule. Plan on coming in daily to pick up your daily supplies of juices and snacks. Also plan on bringing 1-2 gallon jugs to fill up of our alkaline water.

• Schedule any enhancement services that you would like to do. These significantly increase the results of your cleanse. We offer unlimited sessions, at symmetry at a significantly reduced rate during your cleanse.

• Some practices may help promote cleansing throughout your detox diet. Exfoliating your skin with a dry brush for instance, may help support circulation and prompt the passage of toxins from your lymph. 20 min a day on a trampoline or 30 minutes of brisk walking can also help with detox.

• To enhance relaxation as you detox, consider buying some essential oils to add to your bathwater or use for massage. Incredibly calming, lavender oil may be especially helpful for those suffering from caffeine-withdrawal-related headaches.

• Common detoxing symptoms to be aware of, include: Headaches, lethargy, temporary muscle aches, mucus or other discharge, a coated, pasty tongue, flu-like symptoms, irritability, difficulty sleeping, weakness, cravings, nausea, Constipation, diarrhea, gas. These symptoms are called a “healing crisis” and when cleansing the body’s rate of expelling these toxins increases so the effects may be intense and heightened.

Our Juice Cleanse Detox Program includes
Daily juices from our juice bar
Chia seeds
Antioxidant tea
Unlimited alkaline water fill-ups
(1) 30min far-infrared sauna session
Program is for 3 days, may be extended to 5 days
Cleanse enhancement services at an reduced rate, including:

Here is an example of our Juice Cleanse Detox program, example
7am: Upon waking, drink two 12oz. glasses of alkaline water with half a lemon squeezed into one glass.
9am: Drink one juice for breakfast.
11am: Drink a juice for brunch, 2 hours later
1pm: Drink another Juice for Lunch, two hours later.
3pm: Eat your snack and drink your tea two hours after lunch.
5pm: Antioxidant tea
7pm: Drink a juice for dinner.

To begin this program, please contact us at 615-321-4040 to make your reservation.

Our Juice Cleanse Detox Program Our Juice Cleanse Detox Program Our Juice Cleanse Detox Program Our Juice Cleanse Detox Program Our Juice Cleanse Detox Program Our Juice Cleanse Detox Program