Detox Program

Welcome to the wonderful world of cleansing and detoxifying your body. Following our cleanse detox program offers your body a cleanse is a great way to allow your body to release toxic build up that we accumulate in our day to day activities and reboot your bodies regulatory system back to healthy cycles. We offer 2 Detox programs based on the natural cycles our bodies go through during the year.

Spring/Summer – Juice CleanseDetox Program

Why our cleanses are the best

Our juices are made special through a two step slow-grind cold press process. We are able to extract over 90% of the nutrients from our fruits and vegetables, as compared to regular centrifuge juicers that extract only 70% of nutrients. Our juices are raw, not pasteurized. We purchase produce from local growers and only use organic (as options are available). We sea our juices so they stay fresh longer; up to 5 days.

Our Level 1 juice cleanse program was designed to minimize the effects of cleansing. We consider the digestive cycle and psychology of eating habits throughout the day. Our program minimizes cravings and emotional detachment from food. Our cleanse includes juices, snacks, chia seeds and tea. We included snacks to assist with a beginners physiological withdrawal from processed foods. We offer a free sauna session and unlimited cleanse-enhancement therapies for those who want to deepen their cleansing at a reduced cost. Our program also includes free alkaline water, which acts as the vessel for toxins to be eliminated from our bodies, so we ask that our cleansers drink 1-2 gallons.

Check out our Level 1 and Level 2 Cleanse!

Note: The juice cleanse is available year-round, as needing shed toxins may come at any time through out the year.

Fall / Winter – Soup CleanseDetox Program

Cleansing for winter is done not so much as to remove toxins, but to prevent the body from building up toxicity during the coming winter months. This cleanse detox program is designed to strengthen the digestion and cellular metabolism in order to best create and maintain healthy tissue.

Our 3 day soup cleanse detox program is designed to help you transition to warm nurturing foods in the fall, and help your body release toxins acquired over the summertime fun.

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